Hiking with your Dog: Getting Fit Part 2


Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise at the same time. Taking your dog along is not only a wonderful bonding experience, but also keeps you both happy and healthy. However, taking your dog for a hike is more than just packing him into a car and heading off […] Read more »

Getting Fit with your Pet: Part 1


If you’re looking for ways to improve your own fitness, involving your pet could be a great place to start, not to mention that pets have their own physical fitness needs as well. Like humans, pets can suffer the health problems that come from obesity, poor nutrition, and lack of activity. From diabetes to cancer, […] Read more »

Veterinary Pet Insurance’s Top 10 Bizarre Names


TIME Magazine wrote a short article on the Veterinary Pet Insurance’s Top 10 Most Bizarre Dog and Cat Names of 2014. The article’s contents were too cute not to share. Here’s the list: Dogs: Peanut Wigglebutt Sir Hog Knucklehead Sasha Biggiepotamus Fierce Otto Von Longdog Zippity Do Dawg Airbubble McMuffin Hamburger Patty Angus T Brackencrack […] Read more »

Fighting [Like] Cats and Dogs

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If you’re thinking about getting a cat and a dog, one of the easiest ways to create a bond – or at least a civility – between the two creatures is to adopt them both together as a puppy and kitten. As such, these two animals will have no preconceived notions about each other and […] Read more »

Diabetes in Dogs


Diabetes is a condition that causes disordered fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism due to an absolute or relative shortage of insulin. In Type I diabetes, the body suffers from an absolute shortage or insulin. In Type II diabetes, the cells respond incorrectly to the insulin that is being produced, a condition called insulin resistance. Insulin […] Read more »

Farewell, Ebony and Ivory


A goodbye note from Annie for Ebony and Ivory… This never gets any easier. Once again I have to say goodbye to two more beautiful animals that have touched my heart. Ebony and Ivory, two horses with an amazing bond and compassion for each other. Being together all their life, living in horrific conditions, severe […] Read more »

Newly Developed Dispenser Feeds Strays


Has anyone heard of the Turkish company Pugedon? Pugedon has developed a vending machine being used in Istabul that releases food and water for stray cats and dogs when plastic bottles are dispensed. There’s even an attached water dish allowing people to dump out remaining water before recycling. The vending machine operates at no charge […] Read more »

Cats on the Internet

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If you’ve spent any time browsing online video, GIFs, or memes, you’ll know that when it comes to animals on the Internet, cats have gained the most traction. There’s no discernible reason why this is the case. Some posit that cats lack the people-pleasing quality that we see in, say, dogs. Either way, the power […] Read more »

Comfort For Critters


Do you have excess junk yarn, yarn you forgot why you bought it, or fabric scraps you’d like to get off your hands? Comfort For Critters would be more than happy to take it. Comfort For Critters is a nonprofit organization that supplies homemade knit, crochet and fabric blankets to shelters and rescue groups across […] Read more »

Dogs and Destructive Chewing

Photo Credit to Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary

First of all, if your dog is exhibiting fear or anxiety driven chewing, you may want to consult a vet or behavioral specialist to help you out. Dogs may chew for a variety of reason. It may be anxiety or fear as noted above, but many dogs chew simply because they are bored, understimulated or […] Read more »