Hey, do you like my smile? Small Animal Dentistry

One of the more common things an owner will mention to me as I am performing a physical examination is that they have noticed bad breath (halitosis) coming from the mouth of their beloved pet. Nobody wants a kiss from a stinky mouth! This foul odor is generally the result of bacterial accumulation tarter build-up, […] Read more »

Sick Kitty – Could it be Feline Leukemia?

Feline Leukemia virus (FeLV) is a relatively common disease agent among unvaccinated cats. Infection with this retrovirus remains the leading cause of death in cats. The virus is transmitted by the saliva of infected cats contaminating the mucous membranes of uninfected cats by licking the eyes, nose, mouth, OR through bite wounds; direct transfer from […] Read more »

Holiday Pet Hazards

Robin Paterson, D.V.M. Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital The fall and winter holidays are a busy and exciting time of year. However, our pets can be curious about all the new smells, sights and tastes and they may potentially find themselves exposed to a dangerous variety of unintended “treats.” The following information is intended to be […] Read more »

West Nile Disease in Horses

Robin Paterson, D.V.M. Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital West Nile Virus (WNV) is a mosquito-borne virus that was first recognized in U.S. horses in 1999.  Thirteen years later, the disease is found throughout North America, parts of Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and continues to cause serious, sometimes fatal, neurologic conditions of affected […] Read more »

Feline Vaccination Schedule

Robin Paterson, D.V.M. Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital Congratulations on your new kitten! Now is the time to bring her to the vet for a check-up, deworming and, if she is the correct age, begin her vaccinations. What exactly will she be vaccinated against? The answer depends on several factors. What to vaccinate for, and how […] Read more »

Valley Fever

Robin Paterson, D.V.M. Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital Coccidiodomycosis, more commonly known as Valley Fever, or San Joaquin Valley Fever (named after California’s San Joaquin Valley) is fungal disease which occurs only in the Lower Sonoran Desert including parts of Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mexico and parts of Central and South America. The fungal […] Read more »