September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month

September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month. Owning a dog is a major responsibility that comes with many rewards. Check out these tips for responsibly choosing and owning a dog: When choosing a dog…   Consider adopting an older dog or a rescue dog. Older dogs are usually more mellow and better trained if a puppy […] Read more »

Selecting A Pet Sitter

How does one go about selecting a pet sitter? People choose to hire pet sitters for many reasons. Whether you’re away for business, an emergency or vacation here are some tips that could make your selection a bit easier. Here’s what to look for in a pet sitter: Does your potential sitter possess commercial liability […] Read more »

Autumn Safety for Dogs

With summer coming to an end and fall approaching, you might be looking forward to the cooler weather, the start of school, and the beautiful foliage. Chances are, your dog enjoys the fall too! Here are some fall safety tips to consider to make this autumn the happiest and healthiest for your canine: You or […] Read more »

A Cat’s Biggest Pet Peeves

Have you ever wondered what makes a cat tick? Here are some of the most common pet peeves for any given cat: Dirty Litter Box- Much like most of us do not enjoy dirty public restrooms, cats do not enjoy using a soiled littler box. Since a cat’s sense of smell is 14 times stronger […] Read more »

Air Travel With Your Dog

We do not recommend traveling with your dogs on an airplane unless you have him as part of your carry-on luggage which isn’t possible with bigger breeds. Even then, the Humane Society recommends not traveling with your pets on planes at all. Having them travel as cargo is never recommended. If traveling with your pet […] Read more »

Dog Agility Courses: Getting Fit Part 4

If you are looking for a great activity to do with your energetic dog, consider agility training. Agility involves the handler directing the dog through a series of obstacles. There are a number of benefits to agility training, including: Great exercise for dog and owner. Running through a course, going over and under obstacles, will get […] Read more »

National Dog Day

National Dog Day is an annual holiday celebrated on August 26th to celebrate dogs and promote adoption. Colleen Paige, pet lifestyle expert and author, founded this day in 2004. Here’s some ways you can help on this day and year round: Adopt a dog from a local animal shelter. That is, if you and your […] Read more »

Walking with your Cat: Getting Fit with your Pet Part 3

Housecats can enjoy the outdoors, but letting them loose outside can present too many risks. Taking your cat outside on a leash and harness is a good way to mitigate the risk, and still enrich your cat’s life with an outdoor environment. And, it gets you up and moving with them! Here are some tips […] Read more »

Pet-Friendly Labor Day Weekend

It is a tad disheartening to admit that the last weekend of summer is creeping up upon us. As much as we’d like to ignore the coming of Fall I’m sure a good number of us are planning something to celebrate Labor Day Weekend. If you are, here are some tips for a pet-friendly Labor […] Read more »

Hiking with your Dog: Getting Fit Part 2

Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise at the same time. Taking your dog along is not only a wonderful bonding experience, but also keeps you both happy and healthy. However, taking your dog for a hike is more than just packing him into a car and heading off […] Read more »