Dog Walking Done Right

Patience is key. Just like anything else, teaching your dog how to walk properly with you takes some time and patience to do the right way. Ensuring that he understands that you are the pack leader is vital. Your dog should not walk in front of you, but rather next to you or behind you. […] Read more »

Mythological Cats

Humans have long worshipped gods formed in the image of the nature and wildlife that makes up their environment. Unsurprisingly, then, cats have appeared in the mythologies of many cultures across continents. If you’re curious, read on for just a few examples. Big cats, such as lions and lionesses, have often been associated with power, warfare, […] Read more »

Should you kiss your dog?

It might be hard not to sometimes, but is it safe and healthy to kiss your dog? Generally, yes. Bacteria that may be in your dog’s mouth (i.e., from what he eats and licks) is usually safe for humans. As long as you’re not grossed out, go for it, but have some awareness of what […] Read more »

Using Pain Relievers Safely

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), which function by blocking the production of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation, are the most popular pain reliever prescribed to pets, according to the FDA.  Your vet may prescribe this type of medication to manage pain caused by arthritis in dogs and post-operative pain in both dogs and cats. […] Read more »

Dental Hygiene for Dogs

The best advice we can give you is to start as early as possible! Brushing your dog’s teeth is likely to not start as a walk in the park, but that’s okay. With the right amount of love and patience, you might actually be able to convince your dog that it’s an OK experience that […] Read more »

Compulsive Licking

Have you ever met that dog? The dog that’s always licking your face, your hand, your arm? It can definitely be cute, but have you met that one dog that just won’t stop? If you do not put an end to it, some of those dogs will go on for hours. There is nothing wrong […] Read more »

Importance of Prevention and Wellness Care for Pets

Just like your doctor or dentist may recommend regular visits for preventive care,  your vet will be able to recommend a prevention and wellness program for your pet. This may include regular check-ups and vaccinations and dental care and will depend on your pet’s breed, age, and  overall health status. Some types of prevention are […] Read more »

Most Popular Dog Names of 2014

Bringing your new dog home is exciting in many ways, including the opportunity to name the newest member of your family. Just like baby names, popular pet names have changed quite a bit since a few years ago. Here’s a list of 2014’s most popular dog names, based on’s database of names registered since […] Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for people; chances are, there are ways your pet’s life could improve in 2015 as well! If you’re a pet owner looking for a few resolutions, consider these: 1. Make sure your pet is current on vaccinations and heartworm pills. This prevents the spread of illnesses. 2. If you haven’t […] Read more »