Sponsored by: J. Mitchell, J. Letcher Macy came to us in early December 2014. As far as we know, Macy was hit by a car five or six months ago and nothing was done to help her…  Her pelvis was broken in four places, the lower part of her back was broken and horrific […] Read more »

Ivory – Gone But Not Forgotten

  Ivory suffered a lifetime of abuse. Not all the details are known, but what I do know is that Ivory never had much of a chance…. The first time I met Ivory was years ago and I was working with a vet at the time. We had an emergency call at the ranch where […] Read more »

Ebony – Gone But Not Forgotten

A goodbye note from Annie for Ebony and Ivory… This never gets any easier. Once again I have to say goodbye to two more beautiful animals that have touched my heart. Ebony and Ivory, two horses with an amazing bond and compassion for each other. Being together all their life, living in horrific conditions, severe […] Read more »


Sponsor: Catherine Ritlaw Won’t you sponsor me? Maggie is our newest dog, and she’s getting settled in.  She was originally from Kentucky, dumped by her owner, ended up in two different kill shelters. Then she was taken in by a sanctuary where she lived for four years. They were no longer able to care for […] Read more »


Won’t you sponsor me? Meet Monkey, our newest arrival! Monkey is a 13 year-old gelding who was a champion in Barrel, Reining and Show until he had an accident and tore his sesamoid ligament. His previous owner was told by her vet to lay him up for a year or two to see if it […] Read more »

Kaycee – Gone But Not Forgotten

    Angel Sponsors needed! December 2013 New arrival Kaycee! More information as we learn more about her. Her story: Kaycee is between 15 & 16 years old. She lost her front leg due to cancer, she is almost deaf, and her teeth are horrible – almost all are broken & rotten. Her previous owner […] Read more »

Sienna – Gone But Not Forgotten

  August 2011 This poor sway-backed girl is our newest arrival.  We aren’t sure if she’s going to make it, but we are going to give her a chance.  She came to us extremely malnourished and dehydrated. She was living in an area without water or electricity, and was about 300 lbs. under  weight. Sienna […] Read more »

Stormin’ Norman – Gone But Not Forgotten

  Stormin’ Norman was with us only for a short time… He was a breeder in a puppy mill. The owner brought Norman to the shelter to be euthanized because he was sick and no longer any use to them. As soon as we got Norman he was taken straight to the vet for immediate […] Read more »

Misty Blue

Blue is my horse… I’ve had her since day one and another inspiration to start the Last Chance Ranch! When Blue was born, she only weighed 30 lbs. Her legs were twisted in different directions. Her mother almost kicked her death two days after she was born and I’ve been her mother ever since! I’ve […] Read more »


Sponsored by: J. Reese May 2013 Our newest arrival… Peanut! We got a call from the local shelter to see if could take a sick cat that had no eyes, infected eye sockets, her ears loaded with mites, teeth were in horrible condition, and she needed to be spayed. We don’t know much about Peanut’s […] Read more »