Sponsored by: J. Reese May 2013 Our newest arrival… Peanut! We got a call from the local shelter to see if could take a sick cat that had no eyes, infected eye sockets, her ears loaded with mites, teeth were in horrible condition, and she needed to be spayed. We don’t know much about Peanut’s […] Read more »

Gizmo – Gone But Not Forgotten

      Gizmo was just 3 months old when he came to us. His mother was killed by a hawk… After burying the cat, we noticed the hawk was still there. There was a kitten hiding under some rocks… The hawk was still waiting for him. Gizmo no longer has a care in the […] Read more »


    Cloe… We got a call about some animals that were locked up in a trailer. The people were arrested and no one called animal control, including the Sheriff’s department to pick up the animals! When I got home the phone was ringing off the wall to let me know about the situation. One […] Read more »


  We don’t have any real history on Radar, but as you can see Radar has no eyes… All we know is that Radar was found wandering around and his eye sockets were severely infected. The man who found him could not keep him, but was kind enough to drop him off at the vets […] Read more »


Angel Sponsors: B & L Gossett Pudd’n’s Story Pudd’n was found wandering by the airport offices in the middle of winter here in Kingman. Walking up to anyone going by asking for help and constantly being ignored or pushed away. Until one of the offices stepped up and called us, even offered to help pay […] Read more »


Idggy was rescued by us near the hardware store in town.  She’d had a litter – sadly, some of the kittens had been killed by the heavy equipment nearby. We found homes for the remaining kittens, and Idggy has found her home with us. Read more »


Emma came to us at about 4 months old.  She was found in the Dumpster at a feed store we no longer do business with.  They threw her away because she had been opening bags of food in the store.  Is that sad, or what? Now an adult, she’s had her trials and tribulations.  She […] Read more »