September 2012 update Help us keep him well-fed and looking good! Pathos’ story: Pathos was BLM rescue horse, who was adopted by a man who only had him for seven months and did this… This magnificent survivor came to the Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary weighing only 360 pounds, at the age of 2 1/2 years. He […] Read more »


Angel Sponsors:  B. Beals, R. Zander Sponsors:  C. Rojas, C. Olson, G. Jacobson, Suzie the GSP Hendrix came to us when he was eleven months old. Born with Spina Bifida, and unable to use his back legs. Hendrix’s previous rescue tried everything for him, an operation to close the spine, water and shock therapy to […] Read more »


    Cloe… We got a call about some animals that were locked up in a trailer. The people were arrested and no one called animal control, including the Sheriff’s department to pick up the animals! When I got home the phone was ringing off the wall to let me know about the situation. One […] Read more »


Sponsor: N. Gregersen Cruelty to the max was what he went through before he got his three-legged walking papers to his new home. Milo’s leg was broken in five different places and his shoulder was shattered.  Can you even imagine someone doing that to their dog?  Surgery was tried in an attempt to save the […] Read more »


  We don’t have any real history on Radar, but as you can see Radar has no eyes… All we know is that Radar was found wandering around and his eye sockets were severely infected. The man who found him could not keep him, but was kind enough to drop him off at the vets […] Read more »


Angel Sponsors: B & L Gossett Pudd’n’s Story Pudd’n was found wandering by the airport offices in the middle of winter here in Kingman. Walking up to anyone going by asking for help and constantly being ignored or pushed away. Until one of the offices stepped up and called us, even offered to help pay […] Read more »

Dusty – Gone But Not Forgotten

  September 2011 – Dusty’s Story Dusty was slated to be euthanized at the same time her former owner was euthanizing his other dog who had cancer. Dusty is 11 years old, and she refuses to eat.  She tries to eat a little at a time, but has a hard time managing.   Dusty needs […] Read more »

Layla – Gone But Not Forgotten

Layla was not with us very long.  Her owner had died, and Layla came to us with myositis, valley fever, and hip dysplasia.  Her immune system could not hold up.  Layla took her journey over the Rainbow Bridge and to the Otra Lada with all the free spirits. We will continue to have a safe […] Read more »

Travis – Gone But Not Forgotten

October 5, 2015 – a sad farewell to Travis Another painful goodbye… Monday, I lost another best friend, Travis. Losing Travis has really taken its toll on me. Having Travis in my life for 15 years and being the last of my original crew has flooded me with all the memories of everyone Travis grew […] Read more »