Adopt A Sanctuary

We don’t adopt out the animals, but YOU can adopt US!

It’s a great way for groups or individuals to show their support.

How does it work?  We’d like to make it meaningful for you.  Tell us how you’d like it to work.

It can be one-time or ongoing.  It can be a service project or a donation.

Here are some ideas:

  • A Girl Scout Troop decides to adopt us as their project.  They organize a pet food drive, collecting donations of dog and cat food, and deliver it to the Sanctuary.  This becomes an annual project for them, and the girls love it!
  • A church holds a fundraising dinner twice a year, and sends in a generous check.  The parishioners are gratified that they are helping to make a difference.
  • A Senior Center or senior group organizes a quarterly dance, and divides the proceeds between their activity fund and the Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary.
  • An individual with a big heart commits to sending $1,000 per year, to be used wherever it is needed most.  She schedules a personal donor tour, so she can see where and how her funds are being put to use.
  • A retail store would like to show that they are civic-minded.  They elect to donate a percentage of their profits for one month.  We feature them in our newsletter.
  • A restaurant wants to help with special projects, like a wheelchair for a disabled dog.  We set them up with a poster and donation jar for the current special fundraising project, and they encourage their patrons to donate.  Everyone feels good that they are able to help.
  • The Honor Society at a high school is interested in a multi-year project with us.  We work together with them on development activities – business plan, marketing plan, fundraising plan – making their honors projects meaningful in the real world!
  • An equestrian club, realizing the price of hay continues to rise, makes a monthly commitment to pay for X number of bales of hay at our feed store.  They are delighted to be able to do something for the less-fortunate horses.
  • A gentleman wishes he could have a dog or cat, but his landlord does not allow pets.  He decides to adopt us instead, sending a monthly check.  He feels good knowing he is helping the dogs and cats at the Sanctuary.
  • A teacher is designing a teaching module related to altruism.  In addition to online research on animal welfare, rescues, and sanctuaries, she has each of her students prepare and mail a care package for a specific animal at the Sanctuary.  The students receive photos of “their” animals.

Like recognition?  We’ll put your name on our website and in our newsletter as an Adopter!

Prefer to be the behind-the-scenes type of supporter?  We’ll send you a private thank you note.

Contact us to design your custom Adopt-A-Sanctuary program!