Stormin’ Norman – Gone But Not Forgotten


Stormin' Norman

Stormin’ Norman

Stormin’ Norman was with us only for a short time… He was a breeder in a puppy mill. The owner brought Norman to the shelter to be euthanized because he was sick and no longer any use to them. As soon as we got Norman he was taken straight to the vet for immediate care.  He was 30 lbs. under weight, his x-rays showed he had eaten a towel which lodged in his intestines, liver and kidneys were starting to fail….  With a little help from the vet, Norman passed the towel and started to perk up! He was starting to enjoy his life. For the first time in his life he felt love, comfort, happiness. He started gaining weight, problem was it was to fast….  Norman was retaining huge amounts of fluid in his abdominal cavity where he was gaining 2-3 lbs. a day in water weight. With x-rays we were not able to see any of his organs due to the fluid, and cultures not developing, Norman went in for emergency surgery for an exploratory to try to fix the problem.  He had cancer in his esophagus right above the stomach which was deteriorating, allowing his drinking water and some debris to seep into his belly.  It was getting ready to rupture and there was no hope of repair or recovery, so it was not a hard decision to let him go in his sleep….

With the lifetime of neglect and torture Norman has endured, I know in my heart Norman had best 23 days of his life learning the soft touch of a hand, a hug and most of all . . he loved his kisses….

In honor of Norman I would like to take this opportunity to ask anyone who is looking for a pet or new family member to adopt and not buy from puppy mill breeders.  It doesn’t matter what breed you are looking for, there is a rescue or shelter with that perfect baby you wanted all along.