Big Blue Mama and the Kids

Blue – aka Big Blue Mama

The kids


Blue looking good

Won’t you sponsor Blue?

Blue turns 20 – June 2, 2013


Blue’s health is continuing to hold, and at 20, she’s as ornery as ever! Go, Blue!

Blue’s Story

It happens in threes.   LaKota, Cheyenne and Montana were three who were part of the BLM roundup – they were captured, bottle-fed, and nurtured but were unadoptable.

Oh no! says Annie and the magic begins.   They came to live with Annie in the mid 1990’s and became the reason to purchase forty acres in northern Arizona.

Annie, on the right, cares for the foals

Three fine-looking kids

Growing larger

Blue – she’s got her eye on you

All grown


Although Blue is not their actual mother, she always looked out for the three young ones! She was part of the driving force for Annie to purchase the land in Kingman that is today’s Sanctuary.

More from the past:

Blue as a baby


Blue with Annie’s mom Dorothy

It was Dorothy’s birthday too.  Yes, it WAS carrot cake!


It’s Blue’s first birthday!

Be sure to check out the individual pages for Cheyenne, LaKota, and Montana!


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