Callie 2_edited-2

Callie found me. It was the middle of winter. She was a feral cat about a year old. She made friends with Blue first, cuddling with her when Blue laid down. Then I would find her sleeping with the with the dogs and when she ran out of animals to buddy up to, then she finally came up to me. 

Callie had open sores all over her mouth and swollen. Something I’ve never seen on an animal before, but it did look familiar. When I took Callie to the vet to see what it was, he thought it was a rodent ulcer. He said it was rare and didn’t know what causes it. He treated Callie with antibiotics. It worked but took weeks to heal.

When Callie would spend the day outside, especially on hot, windy days, it would start all over. Then it hit me… she has herpes! An allergy to the sun. The vet said they don’t recognize herpes in animals, therefore it can’t be.

I started treating Callie with sunblock before she’d go outside and limited her time out the sun. She never had a problem after that!


Callie passed away of cancer in  April, 2006. She was 14.