Rose 4

March 2000, Both Molly and Rose arrived at the ranch about the same time. Molly, two weeks before Rose, both six months old.

Rose was extremely insecure and afraid of people. Molly was totally the opposite. I guess it’s true that opposites attract, because they bonded right off the bat. After a year or so, Rose finally found her destiny in life… She’s everybody’s little nursemaid! You got something in your ear, she’ll get it; something in your eye, she’ll lick it; gotta booboo, she’ll keep it clean! 

The whole time I had Rose I never heard her once complain about anything. Even if she got hurt, nothing.


In November 2011, I found out Molly was dying of cancer and had maybe a couple of weeks to live.


Rose stayed close to Molly the whole time. In March of 2012, Rose was still by Molly’s side, could not get up and passed away later that day… Molly, then gave up and passed one week later.

Molly and Rose were both 12 years old.