Blue is my horse. I’ve had her since day one and she was another inspiration to start the Last Chance Ranch! When Blue was born she only weighed 30 lbs. Her legs were twisted in different directions. Her mother had almost kicked her death two days after she was born. I’ve been her mother ever since! I’ve been able to correct Blue’s legs with corrective shoeing as opposed to leg braces. Blue has never been much of a people “person”, but loves babies! It doesn’t matter what kind of baby it is, Blue is all over it. Because of that quality, Blue has helped me over the years with all of the animals at the ranch.

When Blue was three she help me raise the kids (LaKota, Montana and Cheyenne). She was so excited when I brought them home. It was the first time I ever saw a horse jump straight up and down on all fours! Throughout her life Blue has been great with all animals. Her love for the human race… not so much!



In the beginning of January, 2020, Blue was starting to get a little blood in her urine. Then it turned into small blood clots here and there. By the end of the month the clots were getting bigger and happened at least two or three times a day. 

After all of the blood tests, using a scope to check the bladder and uterus, and ultrasounds, Blue has a rare bladder cancer. She was still eating, drinking, and very active, but I noticed she started to tire easily. As the clotting progressed, I started her on iron supplements, which helped for awhile. By the end of May, she was starting to drop a lot of weight. Blue still in good spirits… I was the basket case!

On June 2, 2020, Blue turned 27. She passed away four weeks later. A huge part of me went with her.