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Ollie came to us July, 2016.

Ollie is our littlest wonder!  He was found in an abandoned house with two other little dogs in Bullhead City, AZ. The rescue brought Ollie to me in hopes I could help him because of his disabilities. The other two went to the shelter in hopes of being adopted out. Unfortunately, to their dismay, the shelter never gave them a chance and they were euthanized that night.

Ollie’s back was broken, had a dislocated hip, and was paralyzed from his hips down. 

When Ollie first arrived, he immediately gravitated to Hendrix and Macy, both of whom taught him that there isn’t anything they can’t do! One thing I’m sure of, is that Ollie is not the same distrusting little guy that came here five years ago. He loves his life and family and no one is ever going to take that away!