Angel Sponsors: B & L Gossett

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Pudd’n was found wandering by the airport offices in the middle of winter here in Kingman. She would walk up to anyone going by as if asking for help. She was constantly being ignored or pushed away until one of the employees stepped up and called us. They even offered to help pay her spaying. While at the vets, it was discovered that her jaw was badly broken. X-rays showed that the way it was broken was most likely caused by a kick to the head, causing severe scar tissue to the brain and sinus cavity.

Because her jaw was broken in such away that it can’t be fixed, after a few loose teeth were pulled, Pudd’n no longer has a problem being able to eat. The scar tissue causes a few problems with ongoing ear infections. She also has a little brain damage from her injuries. She hums when she snores, drools, and periodically misses the litter box, but we love her just the same!

In the future, Pudd’n will need extensive dental work.