June 2007… Sandy first arrived at the Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary when her owner, a good friend of mine, Val, passed away in the house they were living. Sandy was alone over 24 hours with the body before anyone found them. When I was notified of Val’s passing, my first thought was, “where is Sandy”?

Apparently, after the sheriff’s department removed the body, they left Sandy! The neighbors threw food in the doorway until I could get there. It took another three days before I could get possession of Sandy. Everyone knew that if something ever happened to Val, Sandy would come home with me!  By the time I got to Sandy, she was so unbelievably happy to see me and incredibly traumatized at the same time! I wish I could explain it.

Being terribly obese and in poor health, Sandy makes a valiant attempt to chase the local rabbits, but she can’t quite keep up the pace. Sandy could barely run more than 100 feet at a time. It almost seems as if the rabbits are mocking her! They would run about 200 feet and then go back to eating.


Since Sandy has been on the ranch, she has slimmed down and is holding her own. However, Sandy prefers to ride in the golf cart whenever possible.


2017… Sandy passed away due to a massive stroke.  She was with me for ten years and had just turned twenty years old!