September 2011 – Dusty’s Story

When Dusty first arrived here at the ranch she was eleven years old. Her previous owner paid to have her euthanized because he didn’t want to be bothered by her anymore. Thankfully, our vet, Dr. Paterson talked him into letting her come here. It was hard at first for Dusty. She didn’t know how to play and I don’t think she had a lot of human contact. She refused to eat. Then she tried to eat a little at a time but had a hard time managing.  She’s been here at the Sanctuary a couple of weeks now, and we are hoping that someday she may be able to eat on her own. Dusty has needed to be hand-fed for over a year just to get enough nutrition to keep her alive.

Dusty has blossomed into a social butterfly! Once she finally came out of her shell, she turned into a beautiful girl! Who knew she had all that personality!


Though arthritis is slowing her down, it hasn’t stopped her from wanting to go on her morning run, help clean the corrals with mom, and really looking forward to her naps!


On Friday night, Dusty either had a stroke or a brain tumor; apparently symptoms are very close to the same. She was fine one minute, then walking into walls and not being able to control the right side of her body the next. By Saturday morning, she looked like she was starting to bounce back. She even came outside to help feed and care for the horses; a job we’ve done together for the last four years. It was our one-on-one time. She never missed a day. That night she started to fail…

Dusty passed away August 31, 2015… I’m so glad you were a part of my life Dusty. It’s an honor and privilege to say you were mine! I’m gonna miss that smiling face, I’m gonna miss you…

Dusty was with for four great years!