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I received a call about some animals that were locked up in a trailer. The people were arrested and no one called animal control to pick up the animals, including the Sheriff’s department! When I got home the phone was ringing off the wall to let me know about the situation. One of the doors was left unlocked so I went in. The place was horrific! There were three little dogs and Cloe. The place was covered in feces, no water, no power, no food with two horses and a goat outside in the same condition. Animal Control came for the dogs and Cloe, the livestock were picked up, and the horses a week later. We kept them fed until then. The people who were arrested would not surrender the animals, except for Cloe. 

Cloe’s eyes were already missing. She has ongoing upper respiratory and eye socket infections. The sinus infection is embedded in the tissue and will never clear up. 

Though she’s not quite as accomplished as Radar, Cloe has her own unusual talent…predicting earthquakes! Cloe will start walking around in circles when an earthquake is hitting somewhere in the world. The tighter the circle, the bigger the quake!