Coming home from work one day, I got out of my truck to open the gate. I got back in and Harley was already sitting in the passenger seat. It was love at first sight! Harley was around 10 months old, abused & sick. He had a large infected wound on his back that was starting to turn gangrene. We have no idea what caused it but once the vet cut out all the dead tissue, Harley recovered nicely.

Once I got him home he was in seventh heaven. He now had a loving home with several brothers and sisters to play with. When Hendrix arrived, Harley and Travis both took it upon themselves to be his protector. If Hendrix flipped over in his wheelchair, Harley would stand by his side until I got there. When Radar and Cloe arrived (the two blind cats), Harley watched over them as well.


One day all the animals were outside while I was out cleaning the corrals. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Harley running back and forth, picking up Radar, and throwing him across the yard. As I’m running across the yard he does it again! By the time I get there, poor Radar couldn’t get in the house fast enough and Harley just starts barking like crazy. It turns out there was a rattlesnake in the yard and Harley was doing everything he could to keep Radar away!

Harley bonded with everyone, especially Molly and Rose (who both passed away within two weeks of each other). Harley was so distraught he had a heart attack. Luckily I was standing right there and was able to bring him back. 

One year later, Harley had another heart attack and passed away.  I had ten wonderful years with Harley.