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Happy came to us in December, 2016

When I got Lucky (see his story), we also took in Happy. She’s an eleven year old Lab and Pit mix who had been brought over to keep Lucky company.

I don’t know a lot about Happy’s history. When we took her in she was extremely over weight, labeled a cat killer, and would go after little dogs. Happy has had the hardest time adjusting. She didn’t want to play with anyone or be a part of the gang. She would just go into a back bedroom and sleep in a corner. She would come out to eat, go outside to go potty, and back to bed. And she really hates her picture taken!

After her first vet visit, we had her spayed. Good thing, because the vet said her uterus was a mess and that she was almost bred to death.



After almost a year, Happy is becoming the social butterfly!  She has lost all that extra weight, takes part in all the activities, cozys-up to everyone and, I’m not supposed tell anyone, but she really likes sleeping with the cats!