Gizmo was just 3 months old when he came to us. His mother was killed by a hawk… After burying the cat, we noticed the hawk was still there. There was a kitten hiding under some rocks. The hawk was still waiting for him. Gizmo no longer has a care in the world. Probably because he thinks he’s a dog!

We’ve had Gizmo for 15 years now and  he is just now starting to show his age. He started to go downhill a few weeks ago in March. Many would have said, “He’s old, that’s to be expected.” But Annie knew something was off, and got him right to the vet. It turned out to be his thyroid. Yes, cats can have thyroid issues too, not just dogs. His levels were so high that they were literally off the charts. His liver and kidneys had begun shutting down, and he was getting jaundiced. After sleepless nights and many days of pumping him with fluids, antibiotics, liver pills, force-feeding for a week and a half, and of course thyroid pills, Gizmo began to eat on his own. His coloring almost returned to normal. He had a number of vet visits and we were hopeful that he’d make a full recovery.


Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.  He became increasingly anemic and simply could not regain his strength. Gimzo lost his battle and passed away at 4am this morning. He turned 16 yesterday.