Travis is a Dingo – Pit Bull mixed breed.  He was about a year old when he found us. He wandered in from the desert weak, afraid, with open sores, and scars all over him. Travis had been severely abused. He’s been with us since 2003 and he still has nightmares where he wakes up screaming, then barks and growls until he is able to be soothed.

Already knowing all the horrors in life, Travis has been a great asset to the sanctuary. He has taken on the job of both protector and guardian for all the special needs animals, fetching them back when they begin to wander off. He never complained once! Even when he was sick or hurt, he always took it upon himself to protect them and accepted any animal who needed a home.

Now a senior, all of his previous injuries have taken their toll. Travis can barely get up, stand, or walk on his own without assistance. But he still wakes up every morning with a smile on his face and wants to go outside while chores are being done. With all the animals Travis has watched over the years, they are now watching over him!



Travis has been going down hill for awhile now and I think the one thing that had kept him going was me. When I was sick, he stayed long enough for me to get back on my feet. Even though he was eating every day, he was losing 1 to 2 pounds a day for those last few weeks. Then he started to struggle with his breathing. He finally let me know it was time…


I have lost another best friend, Travis. Losing Travis has really taken its toll on me. Having Travis in my life for almost 16 years, and being the last of my original crew, has flooded me with all the memories of those animals that Travis grew up with… (Harley, Molly, Rose, Jake, Sasha, Callie, Bear, Jack, and Gizmo). Knowing that I’m not, but feeling that I am, once again alone.

With all the animals I’ve helped, loved, and lost in my lifetime, it doesn’t get any easier saying goodbye. I truly do hope what they say is true….. We’ll all be together again.

Travis was with us for almost sixteen years.