Two days after I moved here I saw Wiley. He couldn’t have been more than four to five months old. He started following me around while I was doing chores and getting the animals settled in. He was so skinny my heart just broke. I started putting food out and he couldn’t get to it fast enough!

A few weeks after Wiley showed up, I found Jake in the barn. Now I don’t know if they both came together or not, but the two of them were fast friends and played together all the time. The other dogs didn’t seem to mind. They would chase Wiley and Wiley would chase them, everyday…

When Wiley, started his family, he raised them well. They have respect for us as we do them. And to this day, generations of Wiley’s still live here.

Wiley lived here throughout his life and out-lived Jake by a couple of years. He was a part of the family for 18 years.