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Tessa is a Bloodhound and Catahoula mix, which explains a lot about her temperament!

She was abandoned on one of the dirt roads near the Sanctuary. In fact, a neighbor witnessed her being taken out of the car on a leash, then the tags were cut off of her collar, and the people drove away. She was sitting in the middle of the road when we found her. The weird part is, she was just groomed before they dumped her!  It was Tessa’s first trip to the vet that we found out about her incontinence. Her bladder was nicked when she was spayed.

So, most likely after sitting at the groomers all day, she probably had an accident in the car and they dumped her! Little did they know that a little Proin every day would solve that problem.

Tessa has always been a great asset to the ranch! She’s the welcome wagon for any new animal we take in and lets them know everything is going to be okay! 

I don’t think you’ll ever see Tessa without a smile on her face…