Another baby who found me, Megan was only a couple of months old. I opened my front door one morning and there she was, just sitting there wagging her tail. She was so cute! I went through the neighborhood thinking somebody must be looking for her. We got to this house a block away and she started crying. Nobody answered the door, but I heard something in the backyard.

By now, Megan is really crying, and I started to cry myself. There were three other dogs hanging. I ran back home with Megan in my arms and called the police! When they got there, they saw the same thing I did and cut the dogs down. They were still alive!

The man was arrested. He said he was a trainer, that he hung dogs and cut them down right before they take their last breath. That way the dogs would be grateful and do anything for you… IDIOT!!!

I never told them I kept Megan. I had the best 17 years with her!