January 2012

Sweetie is Ginger’s mom. She has a congenital eye condition. Sweetie and Ginger are a bonded pair so we are making sure they are able to stay together. Their previous owner could no longer care for them – she had Alzheimer’s disease and was placed in a nursing home.  In fact, for the past few years as the Alzheimer’s disease progressed, Ginger and Sweetie didn’t receive the care and attention they should have.  For this reason we do not have the details of their medical history. Sweetie is eleven years old.


October 2015 – Sweetie has developed glaucoma in both eyes. It’s more prevalent in the left eye and is starting to bulge! Eye drops are helping and it’s starting to relieve the pressure behind her eyes.



Decemeber 2015 – Sweetie passed away in her sleep…