Dusty was slated to be euthanized at the same time her former owner was euthanizing his other dog who had cancer.  Dusty is 11 years old, and she refuses to eat.  She tries to eat a little at a time, but has a hard time managing.   Dusty needs to be hand-fed just to get enough nutrition into her to keep her alive.  She’s been here at the Sanctuary a couple of weeks now, and we are hoping that someday she may be able to eat on her own.


Dusty has been with us for four years now. It’s taken almost 1 1/2 years to get her to eat on her own. Dusty has blossomed into a social butterfly! Though arthritis is slowing her down, it  hasn’t stopped her from wanting to go on her morning run, help clean the corrals with mom, and really looks forward to her naps!


Aren’t I a lovely girl?

Sponsor: N. Gregersen

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