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Sponsors:  C. Rojas, C. Olson, G. Jacobson, Suzie the GSP

From caged to freedom is the simple way of explaining the then and now aspect of Hendrix! Hendrix was born with a bad spine and weak back, with no use of his back legs. What we have now is this German Shorthaired Pointer with his running wheels!

Freedom has a price and the price of freedom for Hendrix (aka Wheeler) is that he has gone on adventures with Coach (Harley) and has not come back, and not because didn’t want to! Off road adventures have left Hendrix tipped over, wheels spinning and not being able to right himself, so the GPS tracker lets us quickly find Hendrix on the large Sanctuary.  Think rattlesnakes and very hot temperatures in the summer!


Here he is with this GPS tracker – thank you to everyone who chipped in to provide this technology!  We never thought he’d be taking off on his own, and we are so delighted that he can.

The next adventure for Hendrix is to strengthen his back legs more.  He tries to stand on them and can do it for brief amounts of time.  Water therapy adds to his stability and he enjoys the swimming trough as part of his exercise program.

Way to go, Hendrix!


So serious


Rudolph Sleigh Man – Ready to pull the sleigh for Santa


Pink Flamingo Imitation


Ice Capades


Life is good!


Snack time


Oh my goodness, what’s the white stuff?


Who needs wheels?


Working the legs!


Christmas Card


Snow Day


Before the morning run


Our new playmate has arrived! Happy, happy, happy!


Dust in the wind





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