Sponsor: N. Gregersen

Travis is a Dingo – Pit Bull combo.  Travis was about two years old when he found us. He wondered in from the desert week, afraid, with open sores and scars all over him. Travis was severely abused.  He’s been with us since 2003, and he still has nightmares where he wakes up screaming, then barks and growls until he is able to be soothed.

Travis has been a great asset to the sanctuary, he has taken on the job of both protector and guardian for all the special needs animals, fetching them back when they begin to wander off.

Now a senior, all of his previous injuries has now taken it’s toll… Travis can barely get up, stand and walk on his own without assistance. But still wakes up every morning with a smile on his face and wants to go outside while chores are being done. With all the animals Travis has watched over the years, are now watching over him!


Ready to ride

A calm and quiet moment

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