Cheyenne’s story

Cheyenne  was part of the July 1996 Bureau of Land Management round-up of wild horses in Nevada. The horses were rounded up to be sold at auction, and if they were not healthy, a worse fate awaited them. Annie and her friend stepped in to help bottle feed and care for the over 100 foals that had been brought in. They were all between only one and three days old. The babies had to be bottle-fed, round the clock, for the first weeks of their lives.

Newspaper article

Bottle feeding round the clock

Learning to drink milk out of the trough

Cheyenne, LaKota, and Montana are part of this round up group

Without Annie’s help, Cheyenne would likely have died or been sold at auction to go on to a terrible fate.

The Three Amigos

Letting loose

Feeling her oats

First day home

Cheyenne at 6 months


Cheyenne and the others sure are enjoying their new home.

Fly mask close ups

Playing with their fly masks

Lesson from Blu – here’s how we do it, girls!

Bad habits

Bored and nothing to do

Since we ate all the trees, there’s nothing left, now there’s really nothing to do!

At two years of age, Cheyenne contracted a life-threatening spinal infection from a parasite that had entered her spine. It affected all of her systems, and she lost her hair from the stress of the illness. In the photos below, you can see how her legs are not working properly. Fortunately, with a lot of TLC from Annie, she was able to recover.

Cheyenne (on the right) – legs buckling, especially when trying to stand

Cheyenne – legs a little better when running

Cheyenne now

Today, Cheyenne continues to watch over LaKota, just like she has from day one.