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Ginger is just so darn cute!

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January 2012

Ginger, along with her mother Sweetie, is our newest arrivals….  Their previous owner could no longer care for them – she had Alzheimer’s disease and was placed in a nursing home.  In fact, for the past few years, Ginger and Sweetie didn’t receive the care and attention they should have, as the Alzheimer’s disease progressed.  And for this reason we do not have the details of their medical history.

Ginger cannot walk and tries to scoot herself from place to place.  It seems all of legs are atrophied – we don’t know if she can gain any strength with therapy.  We would like to be able to send her for a complete diagnostic work-up to see if she might benefit from surgery or other veterinary interventions. Gingers bones in the front legs are totally locked up and nothing can be done, her back legs have some possibilities, not to get anyones hopes up…. Ginger has been like this for a very long time and the damage is done. Since Gingers been here, her motivation has been Cloe (the cat) and Ginger will do just about anything to get her attention! Because of that, Ginger is starting to get some movement in her rear legs. Thanks to so many supporters Ginger is getting a wheelchair!!!

Ginger is gaining some strength in her legs, and she just loves scooting around to play with Cloe! I’m also working with her on stretching out her legs, so that she’ll have better flexibility and strength. Regardless, she’s a happy camper!

February 2016

Since the loss of Sweetie, Ginger has given up… She passed away two months later.

Ginger's legs are getting stronger

Ginger’s legs are getting stronger

Here she is enjoying outside time on the grass, soaking up some rays!


Ginger loves to crawl under the couch!


April 27, 2012

The wheelchair has arrived!

Ginger’s in her wheelchair for the first time!

Ginger goes nose to nose with Cloe

March 23, 2012

Yay!  Thank you, kind people!  We have enough to start the wheelchair ordering process (measurements, photos, etc), thank you!  Please continue to donate for Ginger’s diagnostics.

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Ginger says “Thank you so much!





Sweetie and Ginger


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  1. Dee Moore says:

    I would like to know more about your Sanctuary and Ginger.

  2. Pat Bennett says:

    I’m so happy for Ginger!! I can’t wait to see her “wheeling” around.