Goldie 2_edited-1

Goldie was about seven years old when I got her. The two previous owners kept Goldie locked up in a cement dog run for her first two or three years. The next owner only gave Goldie attention when trying to impress somebody or when she thought her life was starting to crumble. Other than that, Goldie again spent most of her time locked up in a room. She never had a chance to play or be a part of a real family until now. Goldie was never left behind again.

Goldie started to get small growths popping up everywhere and some were starting to metastasize. One was on her ear and had to be amputated. Then she got one on her back. It was that one that spread through her body like wild fire. Goldie started to cough and sneeze blood. 


I had to say goodbye to Goldie. She was 17. I know she had at least 10 years of happiness!