Harley – Gone But Not Forgotten

Harley memoriam

Rest in peace, sweet Harley

Our hearts are heavy with the unexpected loss of Harley……
Harley passed away 4/9/13 at 3:15 p.m.

Annie remembers Harley:

I came home from work one day, got out of my truck to open the gate, got back in and Harley was already sitting in the passenger seat…. It was love at first sight! Harley was around 10 months old, abused & sick…. Once I got him home he was in seventh heaven… He now had a loving home, several brothers & sisters to play with, but Harley was a little more special…. When Hendrix arrived, Harley took it upon himself to be his protector. If Hendrix flipped over in his wheelchair Harley would stand by his side until I got there, the same with Radar & Cloe. Harley knew to stay away from rattlesnakes, yet he’s jumped in front of one twice to keep Radar from being bit…. Not, only was Harley a hero in my book, but also my best friend. As for the original owner of Harley…. You have no idea on what you’ve missed out on!

 Harley’s story

Harley – also known as Coach

Angel Sponsor: B. Gale

Care Package Wish List

I know not everyone is comfortable sponsoring or donating, so I wanted to let you know the things I like in case you’d like to send me a care package. I’d like a dog bed (L or XL – you know I’m going to have to share with the others!), toys of any sort, treats, treats, treats (did I mention I’m a treat boy!), and Gravy Train kibble and/or canned dog food.  Please send it to Harley, c/o Last Chance Ranch Sanctuary, PO Box 6763, Kingman, AZ 86402.  Thank you!

Harley is the guardian of the eyeless cats, Radar and Cloe.  He takes extra special care of them, including washing their faces if they have any discharge, and generally making sure they are ok.Harley not only has a long whip-like tail, it is in constant motion.  All those entering the happy zone of Harley, watch the whip!!!
Harley wandered onto the property, skinny as he could be with a large cyst on his right hip. Our nickname for Harley is Coach, he gets the group going in the morning and boy do we mean going! Have you ever encountered a Boxer with a long tail?

Harley – hero of the year!  Harley was recently seen swinging Radar around.  What’s up with that?  Turns out that he was protecting Radar from a baby Mojave green rattlesnake, literally saving his life!

Eye treatment by Hendrix


Tres amigos


Harley on the run


Harley hanging with the gang