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Hendrix came to us when he was eleven months old. Born with Spina Bifida, and unable to use his back legs. Hendrix’s previous rescue tried everything for him, an operation to close the spine, water and shock therapy to try to keep the muscles from atrophying. Unfortunately their vet said he was partially paralyzed from the waste down and un-adoptable. After keeping Hendrix in a small kennel, thinking it was for his protection, Hendrix’s legs were completely atrophied causing uncontrollable leg spasms. They also bought him a wheelchair and took him on controlled walks.

After Hendrix’s arrival, first off… put him in the wheelchair and let him loose! And treating him as if he was normal. Hendrix has full run of the house, plays hard with all his new brothers and sisters. Before you knew it, Hendrix started standing, the muscles in his legs started to develop, the leg spasms were less often and with a little therapy he even started taking small steps!


Way to go, Hendrix!


So serious


Rudolph Sleigh Man – Ready to pull the sleigh for Santa


Pink Flamingo Imitation


Ice Capades


Life is good!


Snack time


Oh my goodness, what’s the white stuff?


Who needs wheels?


Working the legs!


Christmas Card


Snow Day


Before the morning run


Our new playmate has arrived! Happy, happy, happy!


Dust in the wind