Sponsored by: J. Mitchell, J. Letcher

Macy came to us in early December 2014. As far as we know, Macy was hit by a car five or six months ago and nothing was done to help her…  Her pelvis was broken in four places, the lower part of her back was broken and horrific sores on her legs from dragging them do to a pinched nerve in her spine. Macy has very little feeling in her legs and at times, she can wag her tail. Macy’s bones can’t be fixed without the risk of severing the spinal cord….

Here are photos from Macy’s first vet visit.

Macy-at-the-vet  Macy-face  Macy-paw-3 Macy-x-ray-2 Macy-x-ray


Macy is now living the life!   With all the new brothers and sisters she can handle, a wheelchair was donated for her! Learning from the best teacher ever (Hendrix!) Macy, now gets around without a problem in the world!


If you are interested in sponsoring Macy… Your donation will help keep Macy in leg wraps, medications, also towards future vet bills to always keep her comfortable and pain free.