Montana was part of the July 1996 Bureau of Land Management round-up of wild horses in Nevada. The horses were rounded up to be sold at auction, and if they were not healthy, a worse fate awaited them. Annie and her friend stepped in to help bottle feed and care for the over 100 foals that had been brought in. They were all between only one and three days old. The babies had to be bottle-fed, round the clock, for the first weeks of their lives.

Newspaper article

Cheyenne, LaKota, and Montana are part of this round up group

More of the round-up

First day home

Montana watching over LaKota

The Three Amigos

LaKota and Montana

Montana trying not to stare

Montana at the fence


Lesson from Blue – here’s how we do it, girls!

Bad habits

You’re right, Blue, this IS good stuff!

Fly mask close up!

Fly mask fun

Montana giving lip

Montana at home

Montana enjoying a run

Montana and Blue


I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine!

Montana leading the pack