Sienna – Gone But Not Forgotten


Sienna running

Sienna enjoying some free running time

August 2011

This poor sway-backed girl is our newest arrival.  We aren’t sure if she’s going to make it, but we are going to give her a chance.  She came to us extremely malnourished and dehydrated. She was living in an area without water or electricity, and was about 300 lbs. under  weight. Sienna was rated 2 on a scale of 10, with 1 being at death’s door.  She was used for tripping ( a game they do to horses that are used up and instead of euthanizing them, they chase them and yank their legs out from under neath them.) Her knees are shot, she has some whip marks through out her body and more scars than you can count.  She received fluids at the vet’s to rehydrate her, some Banamine for pain, and the next week or two will determine if she has the strength to pull through…. We estimate that she’s about 15 years old, but with the wear and tear on her she looks like 20.

After months of tender loving care, she was getting a twinkle back in her eyes, starting to talk to me when I came out and best of all… starting to trot around without falling! As she’s gaining weight I noticed she’s getting small masses in her muscles… only one tested positive for cancer. It was my choice to leave it alone and let her enjoy the time she had left as opposed to anymore suffering… Best choice I ever made and that was three years ago. By opening her gate and letting her run free everyday with her BFF’s Ebony & Ivory, Sienna was a proud horse again… Seeing her run and strut her stuff would give me a chill down my spine & bring tears to my eyes, it was all worth it…..

March 5, 2014 Update!

Sienna collapsed in her stall and lost her battle. I know for every animal I’ve saved and lost I lose another piece of my heart, question is how many pieces do I have left….



May 2012 update:

Woot!  Woot!  The shelter is done!

Thank you for making Sienna’s shelter a reality


Sienna’s home is complete

March 2012 update:

Sienna is doing so much better!  Thanks to you and one very generous donor, we’ll be able to complete her shelter very soon!

Sienna – so much happier! March 2012

Sienna’s shelter coming along – she loves to peek out!

Sienna getting therapeutic treatment from volunteer massage therapist Diana

If you’d like to help, use our donation widget on the right side of the page, or click the Sponsor Me button.  You can be a one-time sponsor, or become an Angel Sponsor with your monthly contribution to her care!

Sienna’s story:


Sway back


Such bony hips

Ribs showing


December 2011 update:  Look at Sienna now!

Sienna December 2011

A few months later, and what a difference! She’s put on some weight and her coat is beginning to look better.  She has a ways to go, but is definitely on the right track.

Sienna shelter in progress

Here’s the shelter we are working on for her.  It’s coming along well, and we’ve raised close to $600 of the $1500 needed.

More progress on Sienna’s shelter

Next will be the roof with temporary sheathing, which we hope will be on before the rains, wind, and snow come!  Once we’ve raised the rest of the money, we’ll add permanent roofing materials and work on finishing out the details.

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  1. jim elkins says:

    As with all animal rescues, they truly a blessing. I hope that soon one of them can save Monie from euthanisation, a 23 year old mustang mare.