Please sponsor me so I can have the periodic blood work that I’ll need to monitor my Valley Fever antibodies! Thank you!

Angel Sponsor:  C. Warner

Sponsor: N. Gregersen, KC & K Heald


March of 2011

Clovis is a young German Shorthaired Pointer who was found roaming the desert. He was a little over a year old, about 25 pounds underweight.

Clovis has Valley Fever, a disease caused by mold spores in the ground. Valley Fever attacks the immune system and usually starts in the lungs, in Clovis’s case it settled in his lungs and started to travel to his brain.  He began showing signs of Narcolepsy and had difficulty eating and swallowing. If it spreads to other parts of his body, he will get worse, and if the disease has reached his bones, skin, or internal organs, he could need lifetime treatment. Clovis is being treated with Fluconazole and depending on him, will be on the drug for at least a year or can be a lifetime.


After a year and a half of being on his medication, Clovis is doing great! At this time he no longer has to be on medication, but will need blood tests on a regular basis… Clovis still has small bouts with choking and dozing off while standing up, thanks to you and all your support, he is now one happy little doggie!


Hendrix hanging out with Clovis

Well, hellooooo there!

January 2012

Here’s Clovis!



Clovis – Happy times!