A Helping Paw for the Needy

We all know that life wouldn’t be the same without our special, furry friends. They do so much for us by bringing a smile to our faces when we need it most, but even people in needy situations without pets can benefit from their company. Assisted Animal Therapy has been around for a while now, and it has brought smiles and comfort to the ailing for years now.
The theory is that the company of a friendly animal, usually a dog or sometimes a cat, can help people cope with their illnesses. This can mean anything from making a senior with a broken hip feel more at peace to coaxing someone with depression out of their shell. The innate caring nature of many pets has proven invaluable when put to use helping us humans heal from our injuries. Long term care facilities like nursing homes will often make regular use of Animal Assisted Therapy for their patients.
If you think that you have a pet that would make a good temporary companion for someone in need of healing, you can help! First, be sure that your pet is a friendly sort who likes meeting new people. Beyond this, sometimes a class is required where your pet is put through some simple paces and you are made aware of the expectations placed on your pet – pretty basic stuff.
Those of us with pets know that they make a difference in all our lives, but they can help others as well. From making the rounds in a hospital, visiting the elderly in nursing homes, or even making house calls, your pet may soon be known as Fido M.D., the therapy dog!