Grooming your Dog, Part 2: Bathing


Last week, we talked a little bit about getting your dog used to the grooming process, if you chose to do it at home. When your dog is ready, a useful part of the grooming process might be giving him a bath. Here are some tips:

– Use a brush to remove matted and dead fur first (see the next post for more brushing tips!)

– Provide secure footing in a bathtub by putting down a rubber mat.

– Use lukewarm water and a spray hose, or a large pitcher or unbreakable cup if you do not have a hose.

– Don’t spray water directly into eyes, ears, and nose.

– Get your dog as wet as possible before using shampoo.

– If your dog’s ears are dirty, clean them with a cotton ball or gauze, and ear cleaner.

– You can dry your dog with a towel. If you use a blow dryer, monitor the level of heat. If your dog is new to baths, it might be less stressful for him if you towel dry.

Next time: tips for brushing your dog!