Grooming your Dog, Part 3: Brushing

Last time, we talked about a few tips for bathing (and drying) your dog. As part of the grooming process, you may also wish to brush your dog. Brushing your dog’s fur has several benefits, including removing dirt, preventing tangles, evenly spreading natural oils, and keeping skin clean. Here are a few pointers:

  • For a smooth, short coat: you probably only need to brush once a week. You can use a rubber brush first, followed by a bristle brush to remove dead hair.
  • For short, dense fur: this type of fur is prone to matting and so should be brushed with a slicker brush about once a week, followed by a bristle brush. For dogs with this type of fur, it’s important to remember to brush their tails.
  • For a long coat: a longer, thicker coat requires daily maintenance – remove tangles with a slicker brush once a day. You can also tease out mats with a slicker brush. Make sure to brush and trim around the feet if you have a long-haired coat like an Afghan hound’s.

If you need more information about what brushes to buy and use, you can read up online at sites like this one: Or, you can ask your vet for recommendations.