All About Cat Towers


Imagine how stir crazy we would become if we were cooped up inside four walls all day? I couldn’t even imagine keeping my toddler away from the park for one straight week. Now imagine cats that love to hunt, explore and exercise, but don’t engage in those activities as much as outdoor cats do.
Cat towers present challenges that boost activity and exercise while satisfying their instinctual needs. Cats will love climbing up and through any contraption that has been built into their tower. It is much like when my son climbs up the stairs on the playground equipment, through the tunnels and down the slide. Bodies and minds  need to be constantly challenged, cats and humans alike.
Have you ever noticed that cats like to roost somewhere that is high such as on top of the refrigerator or dresser? This is because cats live in a vertical world and feel safe when they are in elevated areas. If the cat feels threatened  by another dog, cat or child in its home they can climb to the top of their sanctuary.
When choosing a tower select one based on your cat’s size. Make sure the tower is tall and large enough to make your cat feel secure. One with some sort of back rest would be ideal, since cats like having something to rest up against.
The sturdiness of the tower should be assessed to ensure it can handle the weight of multiple cats, if the cat should leap onto it and if your home has a child or other animal that may give it a test run.
One made of real wood would be ideal, since treated wood may contain harmful chemicals.
A cat tower could be a wonderful addition to your home and your cat’s life. Check out this website if you would be interested in constructing your own cat tower.