Bath Time Revisted

Not too long ago we did a blog post about bath time, but we didn’t include how often one should bathe their four legged friend. This time we’ll touch upon how often one may want to give their dog a dip.
Dr. Sherry Weaver suggests that unless your dog is suffering from a skin disease regular bathing is not necessary. Weekly bathing is done more for the comfort of the dog and not out of necessity. Over bathing could cause dry skin, similar to how some people advise against daily shampooing. Stephens advises that dogs with normal skin can handle a bath once a month.
Let’s talk a bit about shampoo. Since your dog will be bathing tops once a month make sure you treat him or her to a gentle shampoo. Stephens suggests a natural shampoo containing ingredients such as shea butter, aloe and oatmeal. Good luck on bath time and remember that each dog requires different bath schedules depending on their lifestyle, hair type and skin condition.