Great Books for Dog Lovers

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There are a number of great books to choose from about humans and their canines. If you’re interested, check out the list below:
1) For a family story: Marley and Me by John Grogan is the story of a growing family with a crazy, lovable dog in the mix and causing trouble!
2) For a heart-wrenching read: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. Written from the perspective of a dog who has gained considerable insight into the human condition, this books provides a captivating look at life in all its wonders and all its absurdity.
3) For a mystery: The Case of Jack the Nipper by H.L. Stephens. Written in the voices of dog and cat sleuths, combine your love for Sherlock homes and four-legged friends as they race against the clock to solve a mystery.
4) For a humorous memoir/nonfiction: Dogtripping: 25 Rescues, 11 Volunteers, and 3 RVs on our Canine Cross-Country Adventure by David Rosenfelt recounts an eventful cross-country move and a growing love for fostering dogs.
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Please leave a comment if you have a favorite dog book not listed above!