Cat Grass

First off what is cat grass?
Cat grass is a feed grain (rye, barley or wheat) that is not poisonous to cats. This miracle grass can aid a cat’s digestive tract and assist with weight control.
Why cat grass?
Some cats like to nibble on household plants that may not be the most healthy for them or even edible. Cat grass is a fantastic substitute and deterrent from the plants  you want to save from little fangs.
How it can be grown
Cat grass can be grown inside the home in pots or containers. It is recommended to  start with an organic seed in order to rule out the possibility of a pesticide laced seed. You can find such seeds at pet and health stores and online.
Cat grass is not only a lovely addition to any cat owners home, but something that can make for a healthier cat. Let us know if you’ve ever used cat grass!