Cat Walks


You’re probably thinking, “did she really write cat walks, are you sure she didn’t mean cake walks?” Although cake sounds fabulous right about now I really did mean cat walks. I read somewhere that an alternative to letting your cat romp around in the sun unattended, one could actually buy a harness and a leash and take him out for a stroll.

Okay, so what kind of harness do I need?

Training your cat to walk may take a bit of time considering how independent they tend to be. But if you have free time and your cat just isn’t satisfied with longingly looking out the window anymore I would suggest purchasing a figure-eight harness for your cat. This firm fitting, but not choke the cat if he strains type of harness was specifically designed for cats.

Still unsure, but what kind of leash would I need?

A lightweight leash that is compatible with your cat’s weight is suggested. I’d say you would choose a cat leash in the way you’d choose a dog leash.

How should I get started?

You could get your cat comfortable with the idea of joining the neighborhood dog for a walk by letting him wear it around the house for a few minutes per day if you’re able to. It’s almost how women practice walking in high heels in the privacy of their own home before they go strolling around town for all to see.

Don’t become discouraged. Some cats will just never come around to the idea of being like their foe Mr. Fido just across the way. But if you have a cat or have had a cat who didn’t mind going on walks we would love to hear from you!