Catnip goes by several names: catwort, field balm, catmint. Regardless, it’s probable that your cat goes crazy for this aromatic herb that’s originally from Asia and Europe. About 1 in 2 cats genetically inherits sensitivity to catnip, a sensitivity that won’t reveal itself until your cat is 3 to 6 months old. Cats prone to … Read more

Keeping Your Pet Safe During Thanksgiving

If you are having guests over for Thanksgiving dinner, here are a few things to keep in mind for keeping your pet safe. Stay away from bones. A Thanksgiving turkey will usually yield many bones, which can be a choking hazard for pets. Keep all bones in a plastic bag and ask guests not to … Read more

Animal-themed Family Films

Looking for a great movie to watching with your animal-loving family? Check out the following films, all of which have pet-centric plotlines! Homeward Bound – Three pets try to find their way home. The Fox and the Hound – This cartoon depicts and unexpected friendship. Turner and Hooch – A dog must help a detective solve … Read more

Skin Problems and Dogs

Much like yours, your dog’s skin serves as an indicator of his overall health. Skin problems in dogs have a variety of causes and a variety of symptoms that, in some cases, may be easy to overlook. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor your dog’s skin and behavior carefully to spot and care for these … Read more

October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month!

The best way to honor Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog month is to adopt a shelter dog! But, before you embark upon this new, exciting, and rewarding task of bringing a dog into your home, ask yourself the following questions: If you have any other pets, how will they react to a new dog? Does anyone in your household … Read more

Smallest and Biggest Dog Breeds

As you probably know, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Here is some info on a few of the largest dog breeds, and a few of the smallest, according to Wikipedia and the American Kennel Club. Among the smallest… Chihuahuas weight in at a measly 4-6 pounds, and measure a height of less than a … Read more

Grooming your Dog, Part 3: Brushing

Last time, we talked about a few tips for bathing (and drying) your dog. As part of the grooming process, you may also wish to brush your dog. Brushing your dog’s fur has several benefits, including removing dirt, preventing tangles, evenly spreading natural oils, and keeping skin clean. Here are a few pointers: For a smooth, … Read more

Grooming your Dog, Part 2: Bathing

Last week, we talked a little bit about getting your dog used to the grooming process, if you chose to do it at home. When your dog is ready, a useful part of the grooming process might be giving him a bath. Here are some tips: – Use a brush to remove matted and dead … Read more

Grooming your Dog, Part 1: Behavior

Want to groom your dog like a pro? If you want to groom your dog at home, it make take some time, training, and cooperation between you and your dog. You can save some money on a professional groomer and be grooming your dog at home in no time with the following tips: Pick a time … Read more

Why do cats purr?

Cats purr using the laryngeal and diaphragmatic muscles. They purr with a frequency of between 25 and 150 Hertz, a frequency range which, according to investigations, promotes healing and higher bone density. Although a cat’s purr is often associated with contentment, many cats purr during mores stressful times, such as during visits to the vet. … Read more