Cats and Stress


Causes of Stress
Stress is one of the most common feelings humans experience and cats feel it too. Here are some things that may trigger stress in a cat:

  • Travel
  • New home or owner
  • New visitor or child
  • New pet
  • Environmental changes
  • Boredom
  • Owner’s absence

How Cats Display Stress
A article on feline stress identifies two kinds of cats and how each type might display stress. The introvert cat might take it out on herself by chewing, biting or licking herself until her skin has gone raw. An extrovert cat is likely to take it out on you and your belongings by scratching, biting or chewing on anything they please in your home.
Why Routine is Important
It’s all about routine. Just as routine can be so very important in a newborn and toddler’s life, cats need to feel the security of a routine. It’s important to be consistent with water, food and a clean litter box. Daily play time is also important for mental well being and I’m not talking about just for the cat!