Choosing a Pet

We all have our favorite type of pet. Some of us are dog people – we prefer the company of obedient and loyal companions. Some of us are cat people – we like the independence of our feline compatriots and their often quirky nature. Whatever our preferences, we have all developed life-long attachments to our favored pets and have bonded with them. But how did we know that a dog or a cat, or something else entirely was the right choice for us?
Matching up the right pet with the right person is an important part of nurturing the bond that exists between all pets and owners. Pair the right person with the right pet and you’ll get a lifetime of friendship and enjoyment. Choose wrong and there could be growing pains.
Dogs are generally the go-to pet of choice. Most are friendly and attentive and want noting more than to please their owners. They will need daily exercise and someone to watch over them while they run about and do their business. Will you have time to provide your dog with daily walks and/or play periods? Are they even allowed where you live? If you’re in an apartment setting, check with the landlord to see what the policy is on pets.
Cats are more independent creatures and require less direct care, but they have a lot of needs just the same. They don’t need as much direct supervision, but they’ll want to be able to come and go whenever they want. They’re cats, after all. Are you going to want a cat that thrives out of doors, or do you want an indoor companion? Do your neighbors have pets that will make your cat’s life a daily fight for survival or will things be copacetic?
Exotic pets, especially for first-time pet owners, are usually the result of an impulse buy and should be considered very carefully. Do your research and know what their needs are and whether or not your can deliver on your end. Then sleep on it. Ferrets are cool looking animals, but can you really provide for one so that it will have the good life it deserves. Think twice about the exotic pets.
Whatever you decide on, also take a moment to consider adopting your pet from a local shelter. You’d be getting the pet you want and rescuing a needy animal at the same time. A win-win!