Dog Food: Wet or Dry?

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In the debate between dry and wet food for your dog, your dog will be the biggest advocate of wet food. It’s tastier and has more of a “meaty” flavor that your dog is very likely to love. However, as this is not the only factor, we’ll talk a little bit about the other points to consider.
Dry food is economical. If you are like most people and on some kind of budget and/or constantly on the run, you can leave dry food out without it going bad for the entire day and let your dog free feed. They are less likely to make a mess with it and even if they do the cleanup is easier. Dry kibble can also sometimes be better for your dog’s teeth as it causes less plaque buildup.
That’s not to say that wet food does not have its advantages as well. Wet food is great for a dog that does not drink enough water. It is more moist, it tends to be lower in carbohydrates (grain is part of what makes dry food cheaper), higher in natural fats, has a longer shelf life (prior to opening) and is easier to chew. Your dog will also probably love it more. However, its shelf life ends once the can is opened. It must be refrigerated immediately and used within 2-3 days. Also, never leave wet food in your dog’s bowl for more than an hour or two as it can easily become contaminated.
Since both wet and dry foods have their advantages, many owners choose to mix the two together or use wet food as a “treat” to keep them economically sound. This will sometimes allow for the flavor benefits of the wet food that he’ll love while still keeping the advantages of the kibble most of the time.